seminars & events

The following Seminars were held in the recent past.

1. Seminar cum Workshop on "Pedagogical Analysis for effective Teaching & Learning". ( Nov 2009)

Pedagogy is the study of being a teacher. The term generally refers to strategies of instruction, or a style of instruction. Pedagogy is also occasionally referred to as the correct use of instructive strategies . For example, Paulo Freire referred to his method of teaching adult humans as "critical pedagogy". In correlation with those instructive strategies the instructor's own philosophical beliefs of instruction are harbored and governed by the pupil's back-ground knowledge and experience, situation, and environment, as well as learning goals set by the student and teacher. One example would be the Socratic schools of thought.

Objective of seminar:

In teachers' training programme most emphasis is given on Teaching. The subject /content knowledge of the teacher is not always sufficient to teach the subject to produce desirable changes in the learners. The pedagogy or the science of teaching as acquired by the trainee teachers during teacher -training should be suitable combined with content to make content teachable. Such content now termed as 'Pedagogy content Knowledge' (PCK).

Date : 21st and 22nd November,2009.
Venue: Seminar hall ABS Academy, Durgapur

1) Prof. Amarnath Ghosh(Chairperson)
2) Dr.Kamal Krishna Dey
3) Prof.Shib Prasad Dey
4) Prof. Pratap Kabiraj

2. Seminar on Quantitative Measurements in Management.
Seminar: Quantitative Measurements in Management
Objective of seminar:
Design to impart understanding of basic concepts, techniques and methodologies for analytical decision making across the spectrum of managerial task and functions.

Speaker: Prof. Tathagata Bandyopadhyay IIM, Ahmedabad
Date : 28 July 2009 Venue: Seminar hall ABS Academy, Durgapur

Academic Affiliations

1. Visiting Professor
Lowa State University, USA and University of Georgia, Athens, USA

2. Visiting Scientist
University of Windsor, Canada, and National University of Singapore, Singapore

3. Professional Affiliation
Associate Editor of Calcutta Statistical Association Bulletin 1998-curent