recruitment process


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The recruitment process is outlined below:
  • The college invites companies to the campus for placement.

  • Companies express their interest in visiting campus by sending their details and the job profile for recruitment.

  • The companies are short listed according to the student profile.

  • The resumes are sent to the companies, on request.

  • The company sends the details of short list.

  • The company visits the campus and conducts the recruitments.


Especially for the MBA students, who have the previous job experience in different organization after graduation; get privilege at the time of their summer internship in MBA, as a part of their curriculum. This process adds values to the students' academic curriculum. Companies may consider these students separately for lateral recruitment.

  • All the companies offer the job immediately after the recruitment is over.

  • The students get allowed in job if they are in final semester.

  • Multiple offers are given to the students.

Recruiting Companies