ABS Academy of Science, Technology & Management


Anti Ragging Committee

Download here: Details of ABS Academy Durgapur Anti-Ragging Committee


With a view to creating conductive learning environment in the institute appropriate steps are taken to help the students to pursue studies with a frame of mind free from fear, anxiety extension.

The environment is absolutely free from any kind of ragging prevailing in the institution premises.

There are disciplinary committees, anti ragging squads for overseeing the activities of the student not only in the class room but also in the hostel.

The authority is set to take exemplary punishment including expulsion from the college and refusal of readmission against the guilty student.


Smoking not only causes cancer, it also speeds up the growth of existing tumors. Besides, it is a huge nuisance for non Smokers and Smokers hardly seem to care.

Thus in today's world, it is one of the worst vices that has plagued the human race. At ABS Academy, we take special care to promote Anti-Smoking Awareness among our students so that they feel the gravity of the crisis the world faces today. Every puff pushes this earth to greater depth of despair and we promise to do our little to fight for this cause.